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Social group for ages 21 and up. A group for people to get together and make memories. If you're new to the area/group and you're shy and unsure about your first meet up. Message me and I'll meet you ahead of time, so you'll know someone when you go to your first Meetup. If you can't make a meet up, that's fine, just let someone know.
If I personally make an event and no one had signed up within 2 hours of it starting, I'll more likely cancel it.
If you'd like set up a meetup let me know and I'll set you up as an event organizer!
If you can please make your profile pic of your actual self. It'll be easier to find you at events!!

I do have a "no show" policy. If you sign up for an event and dont show, no comment or anything 3x you are leaving the group!

Last but not least, please check the page before you come to an event for any changes.

Upcoming events (4+)

Fall Flyover

Needs a location

I did this YEARS ago and had a good time.

The Dynamic Aviation Flyover! October 8th from 8:30AM to 4:00PM, featuring:

- Vintage Aircraft Tours
- Airplane Rides
- Aviation Competitions
- Much more!!

Comedy Vaudeville Pageant

Needs a location

NEED TICKETS: $40.00 online, $50 at door


I got row D seat 6


It's a Comedy Show!

With the variety of Vaudeville!
With the glory of a Pageant!
This FUNdraiser will be the crowning point of X2 Comedy shows at Court Square Theater. Contestants be raising money to benefit your favorite hometown performing arts venue by performing their comedic acts (musicians, comedians, performing arts), and the Audience gets to vote on who will take the crown!
For more information about this event, visit courtquaretheater.org

House of the Dragon (new Game of Thrones series)

Needs a location



I can now host this!
8pm arrive and socialize
9am Watch the show

Bring a snack to share with the group.

Crack the code escape room: The Dark Mage Rises

Needs a location



Lets do dinner and an escape room (2 more spots for escape room) I will put comments to update on how many spots are available. Only Venmo me if you can definitely come.

The frightful Dark Mage you once defeated is about to rise again and threaten the Magical World! Unbeknownst to you, the Mage’s followers hid their Master’s wand in a remote magical cottage ward with many powerful enchantments. At midnight tonight, the planets will align, providing the Mage’s followers with enough power to resurrect him. Only you, whose destiny is entwined with your dark foe’s, can defeat the enchantments and get to the wand before it’s too late. But hurry, there is only one hour before midnight!

Escape room starts at 7:45

Venmo me for your ticket: $29.00 happy4ana

If you can't make it for the escape room , you're more than welcome to join us for dinner at Byers Bistro.

Also if you can only join us for just escape room, let me know so I don't hold a spot for you for dinner!


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