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She's Coding Code-A-Thon: Connect, Collaborate, Code - Mid-way (women-only)

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Nathalie S.


Find out more about the kick-off day at:

This will be the mid-way check-in day of a 2 month long code-a-thon, that will function in a similar way to a hackathon, but extended duration, giving participants the opportunity to build out projects in more depth.

The goal of the mid-way day is to check in on all the projects, see how everyone is doing, what kind of help the teams need, and most importantly, give the teams a space and opportunity to spend a whole day working together on their project.

We are open to attendees that have not attended the kick-off day, and are not yet part of a project. You can either group up with other new attendees to form a team around a project, or simply join us and work on your own thing.

On top of this day, we will have a final demo-day at the end, on April 14.
720 Olive Way #1400 · Seattle, WA
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