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Studio Lighting Photography Workshop
This studio lighting workshop will cover the principles and theory of photographic lighting and relate these to the studio environment by practical demonstration and hands on application. The session is designed so that you will participate taking photos in the exercises using the lighting equipment yourself. We will use a portable photography studio which goes with speedlights and a variety of light modifiers, which is ideal for portraiture. Topics covered: Ambient light vs flash light.. Flash duration and shutter speed. Shutter speed synchronicity. Properties of light (intensity, contrast, color). Color temperature. Camera calibration using a color chart. Quality of light (hard and soft shadows and highlights) Incident and reflected metering using a light meter to calculate exposures. Falloff of light and the inverse square law Lighting positions. Key, fill, kicker, hair, background, rim and catch lights. Most common lighting schemes. Short and broad lighting Contrast ratios. Light modifiers and accessories (umbrella, softbox, lamp reflector,honeycomb, snoot, etc. Operation of studio lights (speedlights) and setting up your camera to work with them. Creating or reducing shadow with reflectors and polyboards. Working with white, black and grey backgrounds. Lighting the background. Lighting set ups with one, two, three and four lights. You will need a DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual mode. The workshop runs from 11am-2pm

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