DevOps: Amazingly Awesome Ansible

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DevOps: Amazingly Awesome Ansible - A “Triple-A” Workshop

Deploying your software out into the real world is a task many developers don’t think about when first starting an app, but is an essential step to success. Switching away from a fully managed environment (like Heroku) can be a huge task, and there are lots of options. Ansible is a simple, yet powerful choice that ties your deployment requirements to the state of your source, makes deployment repeatable and easy, and can be very fast to scale from 1-box to many.

What to expect:

We will be using Ansible to deploy a really simple Rails app. It begins with SQLite and a very fragile web server, but becomes more complex over the workshop. You’ll extend your ansible scripts to handle this new complexity, including:

• Switching to NGINX + Passenger for the web server

• Setting up PostgreSQL

• Easy password and secret management

• Separating our app and DB servers onto different boxes

• Developing a well structured playbook for easy expansion

• Managing your dev environment the same way you manage your deployed environments


Is this workshop for you?

This workshop is suited for developers and people involved in deployment and release management.

No coding or deploy experience is required but it will help with understanding what we’re doing and why. Most ansible commands are based around *nix commands, so while not necessary, being aware of unix will be helpful.

What to bring:

Bring your laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux machines) with your favourite text editor and please pre-install the latest versions of the following for your operating system:

• Vagrant –

• VirtualBox –

• Git Bash (for Windows) –

Before arriving, make sure you setup up your vagrant machine. This is outlined in the project repo (

If you can't get vagrant setup on your own please come in at 6:30 and one of us can help you out!