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Humanism 101 Study Group - Meeting/Discussion: "The Rise of the Nones"

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Join the Discussion on "The Rise of the Nones" (i.e., those of us who check "None of the above" when asked our "religious preference": Some reading required

Readings Online (required)

Frans de Waal: Has Militant Atheism Become a Religion? (Excerpted from The Bonobo and the Atheist) at /03/25/militant_atheism_ has_become_a_ religion/


Tom Flynn: Why I Don’t Believe in the New Atheism at

Book(s) (Choose one - both if you're industrious)

David Niose: Non-Believer Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans


Barry Lynn: Piety and Politics: The Right-Wing Assault on Religious Freedom

Note: You can do the online reading for each Meeting in an hour or so, and choose just one of the books. And, if you haven’t done the reading, you may still audit the discussion — all are welcome!