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Shut & Up Write M-F (3+ hours Oakland Marathon)
Hi Everyone: new location official! Back by popular consensus, we will stay here for the time being(until we are told we can't :)) . this is in the public area of the building modern coffee is in. Sockets are available for charging devices, and there is wifi access(although not always solid). the entrance is to the right of Modern Coffee, but you can access the public area through the coffee shop as well. so let us give it a try. Nearest metro station is 19th street. Street parking will be very challenging, but possible; expect to park a few blocks away. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Install the "Parkmobile" app onto your phone to pay the parking meter - almost all street parking uses this method of payment in the area. Using the app will eliminate the need to physically go back to your car to refill the meter. :) There are many parking lots in the area, but they fill up quickly on weekdays. This meetup has been a life saver for us, and we continue to hope to meet more of you during the write up(just held our semi annual meetup gathering at Cecilia's apt).If you are off work early or can catch the last hour or so, join us! coworking works well for those of us who needs a bit more pressure or structure from working with a group. This meetup is ALWAYS ON, in fact even when it is just myself, I am usually at the location since it is my mobile office, BUT, if there is no sign up, I might be prone to laziness and take a day off once in a while, so always try to sign on to help keep me on my best behavior. It only takes 2 people to form a team. Arrive or leave anytime you like. Come join us for a marathon of focused writing! Bring whatever you need to write - short story, novel, poem, memoir, thesis, blog or a manifesto! Bring a laptop, bring a pen, bring a notebook. We will do brief intro for those who arrive on time. If you arrive after the intro time, just wave and find a seat at our table or nearby our table. When we are finished, chat a bit if the spirit strikes you and your neighbors or just wave to those still working and head out. writing can be a lonely activity, getting to know our partners help foster more motivation(and peer pressure :)) but also feel free to leave early. this is a very casual group, the main goal is to provide silent partnership in getting work/writing done. 9:45 am- Brief Introductions (name and project you working on, goal for today) I might be bit late, so if you arrive early, grab the biggest table you can :) I head over as soon as handover with Nanny complete. 10:00 am - Shut up and Write! During this Marathon, feel free to take your personal small breaks, stand up and walk around. We usually use Pom app(pomdoro method), so focus 25 minutes, then 5 minute breaks. many free apps for this you can download. 1:00 pm--wrap up and congratulate yourself for the hard work. You can head out or work some more. Due to child care schedule, I won't be able to stay for lunch for the time being. But some of us try to get together once a month or so for lunch on Fridays, so everyone welcome to join, we love meeting new people. If you're spending too much time THINKING about writing, come and join us for a session of focused writing. It may just be "pipe-cleaning" for now, but you'll feel better showing up at the page. No one will see what you've written or give you unsolicited advice.

Leamington Building(Modern Coffee)

381 19th St · Oakland, ca

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Shut Up & Write! helps writers tell their story. We offer free, weekly, nation-wide events that foster local writing communities. Our Meetups help members reach their writing goals in a supportive, social setting. Writing—whether it's approached professionally or as a hobby—doesn't have to be isolating. We welcome anyone who writes, regardless of genre or medium. We have members writing novels, short stories, poetry, screenplays, essays, school reports and more.

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Making the time to write one hour each week is an empowering and rewarding experience. It can serve as a powerful base for building your daily writing discipline.

If you RSVP that you are coming, then please arrive 10–15 minutes early. The organizer will lead introductions and then the group will write for an hour. Afterwards, there will be 15–30 minutes of social time to get to know each other. Members often talk about their successes and challenges as writers. There should be no critiquing, exercises, lectures, ego, competition or feeling guilty.

“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else.“ - Gloria Steinem

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