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Shut Up and Write! - SF Marathon SUNDAY May 26th

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Hosted by Deb Mc.

Join other writers for a daylong marathon of focused writing!

10:00am - Check-in, Introductions
10:15am - Write for one-and-a-half hours

11:45am - Lunch break, check-in, and socializing

12:30pm - Write for one-and-a-half hours

02:00pm - Check-in, beverage/snack, chat

02:30pm - Write for one-and-a-half hours

04:00pm - People can continue to work, chat, go to dinner together,
or take off as they like. Jumpin' Java is open till 08:00pm.

If you're spending too much time THINKING about writing, come and join us for some marathon sessions, up to 4.5 hours of focused writing! You're welcome to come for all three or even just one of the writing sessions in the marathon. It may just be "pipe-cleaning" for now, but you'll feel better showing up at the page. No one will see what you've written or give you unsolicited advice.

To keep all of us and the Jumpin' Java Cafe staff happy, here
are a few guidelines for the Marathon meetup:

1) Please try to arrive a bit early to get a seat with the
group, or at least on time.

Check in! When you arrive, locate me (Deb Mc) and make sure to write
down your name on the signup sheet (as you RSVP'd on meetup).

2) IF YOU ARRIVE LATE PLEASE try not to disrupt the writing flow!
Find a seat somewhere, start writing, and WAIT FOR THE BREAK
to sign in and introduce yourself.
We will try to sit together, but we may have to be flexible and
gradually move closer together as other people leave. The best
location to try for is the rear right side of the cafe.

3) If you arrive for the MORNING SESSION, please also write
down on the LUNCH ORDER sheet your name and lunch order chosen
from the menu board at the cafe and hand it to me before we start
the first writing session at 10:15am so that the cafe staff can
have all of our lunches ready to go at 11:45am

To avoid having the staff interrupt during the writing session to
ask for clarification of lunch orders, please remember to
SPECIFY items like (a) BEVERAGE, (b) type of BREAD for sandwich,
(c) type of CHEESE for sandwich (or, "no cheese").

4) Please occupy all the seats at the tables where meetup
participants are located, i.e. don't go one person per table,
or we will anger the rest of the cafe customers.

5) If you have a power strip or a few, please bring it/them! It
will help us to make sure that everyone has a place to plug in.

6) This should be obvious, but as a reminder -- the cafe is a business, not the public library. We don't want to wear out our welcome! During breaks, make sure to purchase something from the cafe
That will cause them to want us to come back again and again.

7) If you can't make it, please un-RSVP at least a few days in
advance if at all possible. Late RSVP changers have prevented
eager writers from attending past overly subscribed Marathons!