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    Hey, I'm Kimmy. I'm writing/arting a webcomic called Witch of Dezina, and I love colors and nerd raging.
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    I make things! I'm a traditionally trained painter that is always on the lookout for new mediums.
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    Scientist by day, comic artist by night. By day: fhcrc.org By night: e-lutris.tumblr.com
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    Co-Founder of Wayward Studios. Rabid gardener, rockhound, and marker sketcher
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    ISO villains with poorly considered plans for world domination. Failing that, I guess you'll do.
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    Founder of Sicaga and Sequential Inktank. Author of the comics "The Indies," "Overjoyed" and "Rational Man with a Shotgun." Currently drawing "Wild Azaleas," a love story with bounty hunters.