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Flash Photography Course 2018
The course consists of the following: 1. Relationship between aperture, shutterspeed and ISO. 2. Setting on your camera menu 3. Setting on Flash Menu 3. Off Camera Flash 4. High Sync Trigger/Normal trigger 5. White Balance Setting 6. Slave trigger (Build in and external) 7. Flash as a trigger 8 Multiple images on one frame with a flash unit. 9. Portrait with a a Flash/Multiple Flashes. 10. Practical indoor and outdoor 2 Lessons (3 hours per session). Cost of S$50.00 for the entire course. You do not need to own a flash. You can purchase the flash after the course. Organiser provide the equipment needed. Minimum of 5 participants for course to commence.

Hort Park

33 Hyderabad Rd, Singapore 119578 · Singapore

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