Past Meetup



Moments in Jurong - Programme Zone, Jurong Regional Library

This session is on MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY

Workshop Leaders: Ms Flor Mj and Mr K T Sia will discuss the technical aspects of macro photography, settings, (ISO, shutterspeed and aperture), type of equipment, lighting and more.

Sidewalk Shutterbugs Photography and Jurong Regional Library will be organizing a series of training seminars on basic photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, architecture photography and street and event photography in the months of September and October 2013.

Participants will learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of photography. You can participate if you own a basic point and shoot camera, a camera phone or a DSLR camera.

Join us in these training seminars and submit a couple of photographs for selection at the end of the course to stand a chance to exhibit your work at Jurong Regional Library. The theme of this exhibition is MOMENTS IN JURONG. Photographs submitted for the exhibition will capture the landscape, architecture, portraits of people, events and activities in Jurong Town.


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