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What we’re about

  • Authorityless
  • Gatekeeperless
  • Free to the end user
  • Technology education
  • That empower students to do whatever the hell they think is important

What if high quality tech education was as accessible as water? Silicon Dojo is my project to see if it's a viable idea.

We have interactive classes using Zoom that will teach both the basics and some more advanced concepts of being a technology professional.

Anyone can join a class, and do as much as they want to. With no grades, graduation or mandatory tuition there's no reason for students to waste their time on work that is meaningless to them, nor is there a reason not to attend a class if they think it might have some value.

We're currently in Beta phase so classes might be less than perfect, but I've been creating online tech education since 2009 so they should still be pretty good.

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