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We will be teaching classes on technology topics to empower students to solve their, or their companies problems. Classes will range from Networking, to Programming, IoT, and many other subjects. Generally students can be of any proficiency level.

Classes are "free to the end user". You don't pay to attend. This project is funded through the generosity of crowd funding.

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PHP Coding for Beginners - 8 Hour Class

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Welcome to our First Full Day Class. Learn PHP and get a piece of paper for your resume!

In 8 hours you'll learn the basics of PHP, understand why it's a useful language, and be able to build simple web apps.

PHP allows you to build dynamic websites with the ability to read from and write to files and other data stores. PHP is used on 70% of all websites and is valuable for no other reason than to be able to modify code that has been written by others. Whether you want to build an email sign up system, or be able to tweak a WordPress site PHP can help.

You'll learn:

  • Variables
  • if/ else statements
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • Writing and Reading from files
  • Using HTML forms to submit data to PHP
  • Use PHP to dynamically build HTML websites
  • More...

At the end you'll know enough to start using PHP and we'll give you a certificate of attendance for your resume.

We will provide computers to use for this class.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an in person class and has no online component. Please do not RSVP if you cannot attend.

Class will start at 9am, but I'll be there by 8:30am. This is a BYOC (Bring your own coffee) event.

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