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The Value of Refactoring on an Agile Team

The Value of Refactoring on an Agile Team


*** Please note the date has changed to Tue the 14th of July ***

Refactoring is often viewed as a technique to clean up existing messy code. If that were always true, then Agile projects would require up-front design, because teams rarely get around to those "big refactorings," and rarely will a Scrum PO or XP Customer buy (prioritize) a "refactoring story." In truth, Agile processes require design to emerge. Rob will describe what it means to refactor clean, well-tested code. He will also demonstrate the actual business value of refactoring, and suggest ways to make sure refactoring and Emergent Design are given the necessary time to flourish.

Speaker bio:

Rob Myers is lead instructor and co-founder of Agile Institute, and a founding member of the Agile Cooperative.

For over 10 years, Rob has played a key role in numerous successful Agile, Scrum, and Extreme Programming (XP) projects. Rob has been training and coaching teams in Agile practices and object-oriented programming since 1999. During his more than 20 years in various software development roles, he has enjoyed consulting for leading companies in the aerospace, government, medical, software, and financial sectors.

Besides the talk, Agile Institute will provide the following:

Food: Probably pizza, with plenty of vegetarian pizza available.
Beverages: The usual suspects.


Two prizes. First prize winner gets to choose, 2nd gets the remaining prize:

  1. One copy of The Art of Agile - Shore and Warden
  2. A library of 6 books on Ruby/Rails programming from O'Reilly:
    Advanced Rails - Ediger
    Learning Ruby - Fitzgerald
    Ruby Cookbook - Carlson and Richardson
    Ruby on Rails - Tate and Hibbs
    Ruby Pocket Reference - Fitzgerald
    The Ruby Programming Language - Flanagan and Matsumoto

Raffle logistics: We may try a tournament of "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock"
You can prepare for the tournament using these visual aids:

https://en.wikipedia.o... () (

14 Network Circle, Sequoia conference room, 14-1579 · Menlo Park, CA
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