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BayXP/SV Agile event planning

BayXP/SV Agile event planning


We've been enjoying these monthly discussions so much we thought it would be worth trying something a little larger in scale. This meeting will be to start the planning a larger event so please attend if you're interested in helping to organize the event. Some of the decisions to be made:

Agenda: What do we want to talk about? Fix a theme or pot-luck?
Audience: open to public? invite only? require people to apply to attend?
Format: lectures? workshops? open space?
Duration/timing: 1 day? 2-day? Mid-week vs weekend?
Cost: charge admission? get sponsorship?

Be the change you want to see in the world... starting with the event you'd like to attend.

111 S Murphy Ave · Sunnyvale, CA
7 spots left