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Game AI is an often undervalued application area of AI, with some special techniques.

Besides being an important part of a global $65 billion business, Game AI is a practical application of AI with lessons for other AI areas, as well as a-life applications.

We will examine one area of Game AI in particular, NPC behavior in third person shooters, including examining NPC behavior in a published game. While nontechnical, a general understanding of common AI techniques and vector math is assumed.


Presentation contains gratuitous graphic violence, explicit language, depictions of prostitution, smoking, torture, Nazi symbols, Nazis, sexism, racial stereotypes, alcoholism, historical inaccuracies, explosions, gunfire, models, reductionism, weak AI, littering, and really bad accents.


Anne Ogborn is the virtual worlds support specialist for the University of Houston Dept. of Health and Human Performance and the principal of Anne Ogborn Engineering, a design firm that creates immersive virtual learning experiences for education, industry, and government.


The MeetUp will be video recorded and most likely webcast at . If you intend to watch the webcast, please RSVP "Yes" and note that you will follow the webcast in the comment to the RSVP.

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