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Lex Ricketts: Three AI Questions

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Our own Lex Ricketts has been pondering AI issues for decades. There are certainly many to choose from. He has chosen three questions that he has grappled with for us to discuss. He will be allocated a few minutes for each question to elaborate on his viewpoint but he expects to learn as much as anyone present in the ensuing discussion. We'll take about thirty minutes for each question and will reserve the final thirty minutes to whatever we feel is interesting about these *or* other questions.

What does it mean to experience the real world and what does that mean to intelligence? I believe that ideas are a product of a lifetime of learning and they seem to be built from whatever form of input that can represent them. This statement actually assumes a lot. I would like to explore some of those assumptions, and also how the ability of animal intelligence is affected by the resolution of input. What is creativity and how it can be mechanically duplicated? Creativity is a process that is associated with and an integral part of the ability to conceptualize. It’s a matter of what we put together as concepts and the different forms of input a concept is formed from. We will also discuss how mental bandwidth and input affect the creative ability. I would like to discuss the difference’s and similarities, if any, between animals and machines? What functionality already exists in mechanics that could extend into intelligence duplication and what functionality would have to be substituted by programming or other creative processes? This will discuss what a basic emotion equates to mechanically and how it can be seen in all forms of mechanisms, biological or not. This will address emotion and how it serves us on an evolutionary scale. I will introduce a different perspective regarding mechanisms and how we won’t need to program some duplicate representation of them in order to actually duplicate the functionality of them. There will be no video recording or webcast of this MeetUp.

Note: TechShop charges for the use of the room so we will collect $0, $5, or $10 (sliding scale - pay what you can afford) in a can at the door.

Note 2: When you RSVP you will be asked "Would you like to attend an AI Meetup on Oct. 14 where Monica Anderson gave an overview presentation about her views on AI. Note that it conflicts with the Singularity Summit Oct 13-14 in San Francisco (, $695 for both days".

I would present this year's version of an overview of my theories named, simply "Artificial Intuition". It is quite compact and has slightly different emphasis than in the past, but as before, some algorithm details will remain trade secrets of Syntience Inc. and will not be discussed.

If there is insufficient demand for a meetup on this date then I'll give my talk at some other opportunity but scheduling AI MeetUps this fall is quite tricky and I don't know if we can handle even four MeetUps in what remains of 2012.

If you would attend to a MeetUp on Oct 14 but cannot attend this one, then please send me email since the RSVP system only asks the question if you reply "Yes".

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