Talkin' Security - March 2020


Join us on Thursday, March 26th for the third Talkin' Security event of 2020.


6:00 - 6:15pm: Networking

6:15 - 6:30pm: Introduction

6:30 - 7:15pm: Nehal Bandi - Confidential computing: Protecting applications and data in public cloud

Speaker Bio: Nehal Bandi is an early engineer at Fortanix Inc and currently leads product and solutions for Fortanix RunTime Encryption platform. Prior to Fortanix, Nehal has held technology and leadership roles at companies such as Oracle Corp, Citrix Systems where he worked on cloud foundation technology such as Xen hypervisor. He is one of co-founders of Graphene LibraryOS project which was started at Stony Brook University. The project is currently used for research at various labs, startups and large companies such as Intel.

Summary of the Talk: Today, Data and application secrets remain vulnerable when in use on untrusted compute platform such as public cloud. In this talk, Nehal Bandi will present technology development trends in confidential computing that solves the problem of data protection while in use by applications. Confidential computing has the potential to unlock new ways of sharing private data such as secure multi party computation, federated learning and encrypted search. In this session, we’ll describe how confidential computing works, options for developers for creating secure applications, and upcoming trends in hardware that will expand the use of confidential computing. To show you the technology in practice, Nehal will demonstrate how to run your applications and DevOps pipeline encrypted and isolated in memory on Microsoft Azure cloud platform using confidential computing tools.

7:15 - 7:30 pm: Networking

7:30 - 8:15pm: Dhananjay Sampath - Achieving Effective Cybersecurity, One Bite At A Time

Speaker Bio: Dhananjay Sampath is the Co-founder & CEO of Armorblox. Prior to Armorblox, he was the VP of Engineering and a founding team member of StackRox, a Sequoia backed startup. Dhananjay was a senior research scientist at Deutsche Telekom labs, where he was responsible for the secure digital transformation of telcos to a cloud-native, software-defined stack. Prior to that, he was at Juniper Networks and introduced machine-driven classification to the Unified Threat Management platform. Dhananjay graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. His work on Compact Routing Protocols was funded by grants from DARPA/DoD/ARO.

Summary of the Talk: Much of the marketing and narrative for cybersecurity revolves around making unrealistic promises in an attempt to solve grandiose problems. The message from vendors--and the perception of many customers--is that cybersecurity is complex and overwhelming, beset by challenges as organizations try to defend their systems against malcontents wearing black hoodies. Products and services are positioned as silver-bullet solutions that will magically fix everything. It’s time for cybersecurity strategy to shift from this mentality and focus on realistic steps that can be taken to improve operations.

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