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You spend your days being serious, responsible, professional. Maybe you have a stressful job, have bills to pay, have people who depend on you. BEING A GROWN-UP IS HARD WORK!! Every now and then, we need a play date - whether it be for just an hour or evening - to reconnect and relax.

"There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do." -- Amy Poehler

SILLY DATE! BOSTON is a good clean fun Meetup group in Boston/Cambridge for singles and their friends. Members are fun, friendly, independent and are interested in getting together to meet more people, make new friends, try different things, share some laughs, and cut loose in a laid-back and supportive environment.

There is no typical meetup. Our volunteer organizers post meetups based on their individual interests, but members can submit event ideas too.

Some past/sample events:

MUSEUMS (ICA, Museum of Fine Arts / MFA, MIT Museum) * STANDUP / IMPROV COMEDY (Joe Wong; Nick's Comedy Stop, Lizard Lounge, ImprovBoston, ImprovAsylum) * MOVIES/FILMS (Veronica Mars, The Muppets, Argo, Lincoln, Star Trek; Sundance Film Festival; Coolidge Corner Theater, Brattle Theater, Somerville Theater) * PICNICS (Public Garden/Boston Common, Hatch Shell) * THEATER AND PERFORMANCE (Shakespeare on the Common, National Theatre Live / NT Live) * DANCING (Contra Dancing, Swing Dancing) * SINGING (A cappella / ICCA Varsity Vocals, Sing-a-longs, Karaoke) * LIVE MUSIC (Dar Williams, Will Evans / The Sweet Remains; Berklee School of Music, Cafe 939, ICCA Acapella) * FOOD (Dim Sum, Cheap Eats, Ethnic Eats; Taiwan Cafe, Brown Sugar Cafe) * LOCAL FESTIVALS AND EVENTS (Craftboston, Blink / Christmas Tree Lighting, HONK! Festival) * TRAVEL/ DAY TRIPS / WEEKEND TRIPS (Harbor Islands, Beaches, Providence, New York City)

Events start with a rough plan, but once attendees arrive.... we improvise!

Sounds good?

JOIN AS MEMBER! To be a member, please submit a representative photo and tell us a little about your work/play/ shy/outgoing/ introvert/extrovert self and any silly/serious /quirky/geeky interests. Every new member is a future friend so we want to get to know you!

ATTEND A MEETUP! Check out our event calendar. Events with an 'EVENT HOST' are confirmed and someone has volunteered to be an Event Host point to manage communications and greet attendees. Events with a 'FYI ONLY' or 'TENTATIVE' are suggested on a "see ya there, maybe" basis until someone steps up as Event Host.

SUGGEST AN EVENT! Have an event you are planning to attend and looking for others to join you? Suggest it and offer to 'host' it! Being an Event Host is easier than it sounds and a great way to support groups, organizations, interests you care about, as well as a great way to meet more people and make new friends.



Members must be 21 years of age.

To foster friendly and supportive "non-scene" singles-friendly community, members agree to be respectful of each other. Behavior that makes others uncomfortable will not be tolerated. Bad behavior is reason for removal from group and includes:1) disparaging comments concerning age, race, sexual orientation, religion, politics, economic situation, 2) overtly sexual or aggressive advances toward another member, 3) expressions of extreme indecency, hatred, pornography, fetishism, criminality via group website, email, in person.

Members agree to be considerate and courteous to Event Hosts, who agree to lead on a non-paid volunteer basis. RSVPs of "Yes" should be honored. Same-day no-shows will not be tolerated and is reason for removal from group. Lateness and cancellations should be communicated to Event Host.

Members agree to participate in events at their own risk and will not hold Group Organizer(s) or Event Host(s) responsible for any incidents or damages.

To keep the group diverse and events as relaxed as possible, there is intentionally no fee to join and to RSVP, except when there is venue charge eg. museum admission, movie ticket, etc. However, should you enjoy your experience, please consider helping to defray our fixed Meetup costs (currently $144/yr) by using our Sponsors links when making purchases.

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