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Sweetheart, I know you're overloaded, overwhelmed and stressed out. This meet-up will empower you to find the bliss you are craving. I developed this magical meet-up just for you as your ongoing journey to restore your health and happiness for life.

At the 'Joyful Living' Meet-Up we explore Nutritional and Lifestyle changes you can make today to help you to feel fabulous and live the vibrant and juicy life you deserve.

You will discover simple and easy steps to eat, think, move and supplement your way to a perfectly balanced happy body and spirit. I invite you to take a deep-dive into how you can give yourself the extreme self-care to empower your optimal health.

At our meet-up's we introduce you to powerful healing tools to help you live a life of joy and happiness in a body that is balanced and feels comfortable in its own skin.

To encourage your entire body and mind to work more efficiently, every magical meet-up session will give you unique powerful tools for improved health and well being including:

• profound stress-busting techniques to give you the bliss and joy that we know you desire.

• smart and simple nutritional tips to balance your hormones and kick your food cravings to the curb.

• Empowering tools to replace your negative self-sabotaging thoughts with powerful positive thoughts that will heal your amazing body

• meditation techniques that help you put your self first, set your boundaries and live a life that you love.

We provide you with our magic recipes to get healthy and stay healthy.

Balance and restore your body to optimal health by joining Kathryn and Karen, Whole Life Nutritionists at our powerful transformational meet-up's.

I can't wait to see you soon!

Love and Support,


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