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PyJobRaft Batch 1 - Session 1


What is PyJobRaft?
PyJobRaft is a job search support group for tech workers who are currently searching for a job in tech. We help them in gaining clarity and receive support from their peers or experienced tech advisors in their career journey in tech.

I choose PyJobRaft because raft refers to a group of Ottters (we love otters in SG) resting together.

PyJobRaft Details (15 pax/Session)
Attendees will be split into 3 teams of 5 pax/team under Web Dev, Data Science and DevOps over 3 sessions:

  • 30th March: 7 pm - 9:30 pm
  • 13th April: 7 pm - 9:30 pm
  • 27th April: 7 pm - 9:30 pm

Red Hat is kindly hosting us for the 3 sessions.

Address: 88 Market Street Level 45 CapitaSpring, Singapore[masked]
Come to level 45 - to register there and then someone will bring us up to Level 46


  • A safe space where everyone can network, provide emotional support, and receive constructive feedback for their job search journey
  • A place where people can offer referrals for each other or provide potential job leads that will be useful for someone that might be a better fit in the group
  • Learn job search and career planning skills to gain clarity on their career/job search


  • Ownership of their outcomes
  • Anti-fragile individual
  • Ripple effect by helping each other without shadow contract
  • Resourcefulness
  • Daring

What Will I Be Doing in The Group During The Session?

  • Anyone can ask for help in their team for example the peer-review of each other's resumes,
  • Checking on skillsets they need to pick up
  • Signing up or buddying up to attend tech conferences
  • Doing research on what they need to learn.
  • Gain clarity of the gaps for jobs they are pursuing by uploading their resume to a service provided by JobTech

Session 1 Breakdown

  • Splitting into Teams - Attendees will be split 15 pax is split into 3 teams
  • Gaining clarity in themselves
  • Showing link to Github Repo
  • Ask for topics for discussion and learning in the next 2 sessions.
  • Complete Feedback Form for Session


For More Details Click on The Link Below
PyJobRaft - https://github.com/pythonsingapore/pyjobraft

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