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Plant-Based Nutrition and the Path to a Sustainable Lifestyle

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Plant-Based Nutrition and the Path to a Sustainable Lifestyle


We will delve deep into the world of plant-based nutrition and transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. We'll unravel the mysteries of Plant-Based Nutrition, where we'll explore the nutrients found in plant-based foods, learn how to ensure our nutritional needs are met, and debunk common misconceptions surrounding plant-based diets.
We will provide you with practical, actionable strategies to seamlessly integrate plant-based choices into your daily routine. From effective meal planning and savvy grocery shopping to navigating social challenges, our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to embark on a journey towards a healthier, more sustainable, and fulfilling way of life. Join us for an enlightening experience that could transform the way you think about food and well-being.

Included in the Ticket Price:
🥗 Nutritionist Talk and Q&A in an intimate setting
🍝 Choice of Plantbased Bowl from SaladStop!
🍨 10% discount on Drinks / Desserts at Everyday Vegan Grocer
If you are a member of Centre for a Responsible Future you will get a $5 discount off the ticket price.

Choice of Plantbased Bowl, between:
1. The Earth Bowl - Romaine, Red & White Cabbage, Veggie Patty, Warm Baked Mushrooms, Avocado, Black Beans, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs, Crushed Peanuts, Thai Turmeric
2. Tropical Tempeh- Purple rice, Crispy Tempeh, Roasted Pumpkin, Avocado, Pomelo, Cucumber, Cherry Tomato, Coriander, Mixed Seeds, Pineapple Tamarind dressing.
NOTE: The Earth Bowl contains Alliums and the Tropical Tempeh is Allium-free. Both options are fully Vegan.

About the speaker Ana Terra:
Introducing SaladStop!'s very own in-house nutritionist! With a BSc. in Nutrition Science, an MSc. in Food Innovation, and certification in Sports Nutritionist Specialist (ISSN), Ana possesses a deep understanding of the importance of nutrient-dense foods in supporting bodily functions. She holds a special interest in functional nutrition and employs the principles of Functional Medicine to address the underlying causes of health conditions, rather than relying on quick fixes and restrictive diets. A creative nerd at heart, she loves delving into the latest nutrition and health research, transforming scientific insights into easily digestible materials that people can incorporate into their lifestyles.

6.30 - registration
6.40 - welcome word & food
7.00 - talk by nutritionist Ana Terra with Q&A
8.00 - free and easy
8.30 - END


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