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Hot Dog! It's a Meat Raffle Party! (Last week our 2 members won 14 times!!)

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[THE WEATHER PREDICTION FOR SATURDAY IS "CAPITAL YUCKY!" so let's do something FUN indoors instead! No lawn mowing, garden-planting, or yard work can happen when it's cold, rainy, wet and let's win MEAT instead! NEW PERK: NO MEETUP FEE THIS TIME! That makes you already up!]

Are you in the mooooooood to win MEAT... JUICY meat, FRESH meat, HUGE PORTIONS of meat...and all for a good cause, as a portion of proceeds benefits the kids at St. Bede's School? Last time our gang won over 85% of ALL prizes, including free drinks, free tickets for the next round, and we got to "steak" home loads of great MEAT! Jumbo portions of fresh steaks, ribs, roasts, chicken, ground beef, sausage, bacon, shrimp and more!

THIS time will be even better, as our friendly/family host has agreed to gift ALL Single Friends with eight FREE raffle tickets! Four for your first round, and four for your second round! After that, you can purchase them at just a dollar for four tickets each time...and we are SO lucky that these are really kinda magical, for the price!

Come join us at 1:15pm to have a drink and settle in, as the Raffle starts at 2pm and runs until about 5pm. We'll have our own tall-boy tables reserved; drinks are cheap and the pub food is fantastic (and also cheap!). The locals are super friendly at this cozy, family-owned place, and we always have way too much fun at this Event.

There are usually about 20 raffles per day, with tickets at just 4/$1. You purchase new tickets for each raffle, disposing of the last ones. There is no obligation to buy each time. Some raffles are double (2 meats), and some are for an entire meal (appetizer, salad, croutons, dressing, steak, shrimp, sides like stuffed potatoes and veggies, dinner rolls, wine, dessert) and more. For EACH raffle you may win fresh JUMBO packages of beef, pork, ribs, steaks, roasts, burgers, chicken, lobster, ham, turkey and more...PLUS a free drink chip AND 8 free tickets for the next raffle are also awarded PER ROUND, so there can be 3 lucky winners each time!

Free meat can't be come join us at this juicy, PRIME Event!

Our Meat Raffle QUEEN (and winner!) from last time (below): Birthday Girl Genelle!

Patty always brings lots of "meat-related" tokens for extra luck for all our members! Plus we have fun with them in between raffles...oh, yeah, we do! :-)

Our member David won the BIGGEST HAUL of the day...dinner for two (or, realistically, four!) including salad, croutons, cheese, dressing, wine, stuffed crab appetizers, gigantic steaks, lobster, bread, rolls, twice-baked potatoes, dessert and MORE! OMG! Good thing Dave is good with gaining a couple of pounds!

This table of potential meat winnings is refilled about FIVE times throughout the afternoon...and when you win, it's totally your choice of what you take home! See those 3 packages of sausage? That's ONE prize! Those 2 giant packs of double-chicken breasts? That's also ONE prize. OMG!

Gary looks rather happy to let Shelley hold his wiener for a few minutes. :-)


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