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Your Secret to Success w/Greg Reid of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

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All Greg Reid wants in life is to give his all.

He is a #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur, and the CEO of several successful corporations, who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the ultimate fulfillment of finding and living a life of purpose.

He is also a filmmaker and a publisher, as well as an inspirational speaker and a champion for human potential.

Greg was hand-selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to expand on Hill’s historic principles found in the 20th best selling book of all time ~ THINK and GROW RICH. Join Greg as he follows in Napoleon’s famous footsteps.

Greg is published in 42 books in 19 languages, including over a dozen best-sellers. He is an occasional blogger on thought-provoking topics and enjoys connecting those who are committed to chasing down dreams.

While Greg is a highly-paid and highly-sought speaker in demand, he can often be found at CEO Space mentoring for free as part of his give-back to an organization that has added so much value to him.

Perhaps Greg's greatest joy in life, however, is his new bride Allyn.

Come and hear Greg describe how you can answer the door when your Secret comes Knocking!

What to expect:
Intro to CEO Space
Coaching Circle
Collaborative Networking

Most people are coming because they have seen their friends (who are our members) business grow so quickly and strongly, even in a down economy. They are coming mostly to learn how CEO Space can help them.

Addtionally however, there will be networking set up so visitors can have a chance to pick up contacts on the spot. Our members are not there to sell you anything and they don't need to because they have access to all the business they need, due to their membership.

When the meeting is over, those that wish to consider membership, questions are answered for them, including raising capital, etc.

These previews are a great way to determine if CEO Space is a good fit for your business.


6:30 - 7 PM Check-in & General Networking
7 - 9 PM & A, Coaching Circle, Cooperative Networking, Free Coaching

Xsura Entrepreneur Center - Third Floor
20062SW Birch
Newport Beach, CA, 92660


The building is easy access from the 73.


CEO Space - Orange County Dave Phillipson @Dave Phillipson

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