Past Meetup

August Monthly Meeting: Happy Hour at Eno Vino


When this group started - nearly 8 years ago! - our events consisted of one meeting (usually on a Monday or Tuesday) and one weekend social event (typically a potluck at someone's home) per month.

While our group has evolved and we now participate in a wide variety of fun activities, I have been wanting for some time to get "back to basics" and resume our monthly meetings.

Monthly meetings are a great opportunity - maybe the best way, in fact - for newer members to get out and become acquainted with one another. The meetings can be a good forum for discussing issues and challenges members may be facing, but mostly it's just an excuse to get together.

If you've never attended a meetup before, this is the perfect opportunity! We all know how hard it is to go to a meetup for the first time. So JUST DO IT! :)

I have selected a quiet location so we can talk (background noise has been a big issue in the past) and a Tuesday because I do not have my kids on Mondays and Tuesdays. Plus, this is meant to be a low key event. However, if others have a preference for a different day/location, please let me know. Your feedback is important and welcome.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I hope to see you there!