Past Meetup

B.I. Museum of Art Film Festival-ish


Bainbridge Museum of Art is having a Tuesday Night series of films. Lets Go to see:
TUGBOAT ANNIE / FINDING THEA - 7:00 p.m. - January 21 - Double Feature!
The 1933 Hollywood film TUGBOAT ANNIE was loosely based upon the life of Puget Sound's Thea Foss, the founder of Foss Maritime (the largest tugboat company on the West Coast). Lucy Ostrander's documentary FINDING THEA brings us the real-life Thea Foss, as well as life on Puget Sound at the turn of the last century. John Fossett, Lucy Ostrander (Producer/Director) and Don Sellers (Videographer/Editor) will attend. (Total run time - 111 minutes - Rated G)
Let's meet at 6 PM at a place to eat then go to the movies.
Buy tickets ($11.34) in advance at