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March is a great month for digging! low tide March 22, 3:42pm.
Type of clams- little necks, butter, horse and cockle clams. I have beach access at my place in Hansville. Hood Canal side facing the Olympics.
It is a private beach so there will be no limit on the number of clams taken.
Doggies and kids are welcomed. There is a clubhouse with heat, bathrooms, full kitchen, and an outside under cover area. We can have a beach fire.... it is about 100yds from the car to the beach to haul the wood. Lots of parking...and a playground for the young ones.

need: 1. a shellfish license....home page http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/ .
( 1 Day Combination $11.35. 16 and older. 1 day combo is fishing and clamming licensing. )

2. rake, shovel, pitch fork or hand rake.

3. bucket

4. cold wet weather gear- just in case. BOOTS

5. let's make it a snack afternoon. The clams will need to soak overnight to spit all the sand out. Or if you want to eat them that day, we can cook over the beach fire or in the club house. Everybody can do what they choose.