Past Meetup

"Bring Good Fortune and Intention to our 2013" Afternoon Social

Location visible to members


Come enjoy a belated New Year's "Feast"!

Traditional New Year's foods include:

black-eyed peas for prosperity rice for luck cabbage leaves to represent paper money anything in the shape of a ring, which symbolizes "coming full circle", completing a year's cycle. For this reason, the Dutch believe that eating doughnuts (how cool is that!!!) on New Year's Day will bring good fortune. Rice and beans will be provided. If it pleases you, bring something that you think brings good luck or is part of your New Year's tradition to add to our mini-feast.

The activity accompanying this fine repast will be declaring our intentions. You may write them or share them. However, if you share them, we all know from past experiences with the daytime group that you might get some really great ideas from others. And the belated nature of this celebration gives you a chance to try your intention on for size for a bit, which should help yield lively conversation.

After looking at our personal intentions, we will discuss our intentions for the daytime events to see if we want to fine tune them.

If you have a New Year's activity that you would like to include, comment about it on this page and we can get it into our itinerary. Also bring any ideas that you want to present to the group (when it is your turn) about translating intentions into actions (i.e., book references).

And we need to make room for the new. So, please also bring a written note of something you want to give up for the new year. These will be given over to the fire. Not necessarily shared. I know I don't really want to share mine, wanting to focus on today and tomorrow rather than yesterday.

Mostly, just come and have fun with it, with friends, old and new.

Directions to the private venue will be sent to participants 2-3 days prior to the event.