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What we’re about

Welcome to Progressive Singles Over 50!
Over Progressive Singles over 50 is one of the largest and most active SOCIAL GROUPS in the Salt Lake City area. Our purpose is to provide our members with opportunities to go to various places, experience a variety of activities and have fun with other like-minded people 50+ years old. We have something for everyone; dining out, volleyball, bowling, clubs, dance lessons, sporting events, concerts, camping, Wendover trips and many more activities.


· You must be 50 years of age or older to join. Children are invited only to events that are listed as family friendly.

· You must be single.

· You are required to answer all questions.
· You are required to have a recognizable picture of yourself posted upon joining. Please contact Mary Ann if you need assistance to have a picture taken.

Membership Rules and Policies

This is a very fun and friendly group. We look forward to seeing you soon at a future Meetup, and are confident you will feel very welcomed. We are open to all ideas and suggestions. We generally have something going on several times a week and typically go to a different restaurant twice a month. We also have other fun activities as people desire.

PLEASE NOTE: While we are a group of single people over 50, do not assume that everyone is here for dating purposes. Our main focus is to make new friends and have fun.

The following policies are in place so that everyone has a fun and safe experience.

• You must be 50 years of age or older to join. Children are invited only to events that are listed as family friendly. 
• You must be single.

• You are required to answer all questions.
• You are required to have and maintain a recognizable picture of yourself. Failure to do so may result in being removed from the group. If you are an existing member you are also required to answer the questions and post a recognizable photo of yourself.

There are two reasons we ask for photos. First, we have many events hosted in someone's home and for their safety, we want to be able to account for everyone invited into their home. Also, it's so that an organizer of an event can find you, especially in a busy venue.

You are required to follow these rules. If you do not, we will have to delete you from the group. However, we would welcome you to rejoin when you can post your picture and answer the questions.

• Private Residence Events 
o If you attend a Meetup at a private residence, please be respectful of our host. Do not linger at their home after others have left. Do not go into any part of the home that we have not been invited. 
• Posting on the site 
o This site is an activities site only for the Progressive Singles Over 50 Meetup group. You are not allowed to advertise a business or product. It is not allowed to advertise for another Meetup group or organization. Do not use the site for personal messages to others. If you’d like to send an email intended for one person (that is not a solicitation), you should go to their profile and click on the email link. 
• Solicitation and/or harassment 
o Solicitation and/or harassment of any kind will not be allowed. Improper behavior, language, communication, be it personal or electronic, will not be tolerated. Do not send emails to other members that you do not know. If you’d like to get to know someone, I suggest going to Meetups and get to know everyone. If a member says “no” to anything, it means NO. Reports of harassment are taken seriously and may result in being permanently removed from the group.

o We ask that you RSVP “yes” only when you are sure you’ll be attending the event. 
o It is not appropriate to attend an event without RSVP’ing “yes”. There is often limited space and attendees that are not on the RSVP list and still show up may not be able to participate with the group.

• RSVP “NO” 
o It is not necessary to respond with a “no” unless you are changing your RSVP from “yes”.

o Most events with limited spots will have a wait list available and as member’s plans change and they change their RSVP to “no”, those on the wait list will move up into the available spots in order of when they RSVP’d.

o The Meetup website keeps track of “no shows”. Your profile will list the number of times you were a “no show” which means you RSVP’d “yes” for an event and did not show up and did not cancel. You will also be considered a “no show” if you cancel within one hour of the event (unless specified in the event). We understand that life happens…this will be looked at on a case by case basis. 
o If you are a no-show to an event which has a wait-list (someone on the wait-list was not able to come because you did not cancel), you will not be allowed to come for 3 months to any event which has people on a wait-list at the time the event occurs.

• Some Meetups will have no limitations on guests while others may limit to just one or two. This depends on the type of event and the space available. 
• You are responsible for your guest. If your guest does not show and you have not changed your RSVP from a +1, that will be considered a “no show” for you.
• If you want to bring a guest that is not at least 50 years old, you must get approval from the organizer.

• Most of the Meetups are free. However, some events will require payment in advance such as a concert. Most of those will require you to pay via PayPal when you RSVP for that Meetup. There will be no refunds unless the Meetup event is canceled.

By participating in any of our activities, you agree that you do so at your own risk and you assume all responsibility. You also agree to release and discharge Meetup and its organizers from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown.

Your membership is at the discretion of the Organizers and can be revoked at any time for violation of these policies.