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Okay, you guys, here is the Food Bank Volunteer Posting I promised you. This Meet-up will be every 2nd Saturday of the month. Please wear close toed shoes, and they do not allow sleeveless shirts. If you want to bring gloves, they suggested you bring some. We will be working an assembly line packing boxes or bagging fruits and vegetables, depending on what project they need help with on each 2nd Saturday. You can bring any guests 12 years and up. They highly encourage you do this to inspire youngsters to be excited about volunteering. If you already rsvped through another group do not rsvp with us as well. They cautioned us that to get an accurate count of volunteers. If at anytime you cannot attend, but would like to donate $ or non-perishable food items, I would be happy to take those items/monies with me to each Saturday I volunteer at. E-mail me through the site with any questions. xoxo Laura