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Back it up Baby - Hump Day #165 on a MONDAY! May I suggest Red Lobster


I'm on vacation most of this week - (Out of State)- so Hump Day will move up to Monday. Red Lobster $15.99 Endless Shrimp is back, Try as much as you like, anyway you like it. That's what the commercials are touting. 6:15 is the Meetup time, as usual, plus Red Lobster has a special room set aside , just for us, which is always nice. Order the Endless Shrimp Special or one of their "Maine Attractions" - 15 Entrees under $15.00. The entire menu , of course is up for "grabs", as well. This will be a nice change----- starting out your week right with great company and a great meal, rather than our "normal" middle of the week Hump Day.

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