John has suggested we go to Oktoberfest this year. This will be the 8th annual Oktoberfest for Phoenix held at the Margaret T. Hance Park. Won't you join us for this great Bavarian Festival, a traditional German "volkfest" right in the heart of Phoenix? There is a website that details all the goings-on there that day, feel free to check it out and do whatever suits you, or join us for the part of the Oktoberfest we will go to. There is a parade at 6:45 of all the costumed participants, with a BEST DANCE COUPLE COMPETION immediately following at 7 p.m.. I thought we'd show up around 5, mill around and grab something to eat, and of course, a beer or 3, then watch the parade and dance competition.

There are 2 carpools forming at Fry's Grocery Store parking lots, meeting at 4 o'clock sharp. John will meet at the Fry's on the I-17 and Bell Rd. (You can Google Denny's at 2717 W. Bell Rd. ) John suggested we park in Denny's South parking lot, as the front door faces West, and we don't want to interfere with Denny's customers. You can meet me at the Fry's on 75th and Cactus, near the bank.

Cell phones will be our way to "hook-up", and orchestrate for the entirety of the evening, as there are so many variables, that it would be impossible to nail down an exact scenario. For starters, my cell phone number is 623-377-8889.