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Dear wonderful singles, this is a fabulous avenue for singles to meet other singles in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are looking, enlarging your social circle or you just want to relax in a cosy ambience amidst friendly singles, this is the ideal place. Who knows, you may meet your significant other or enhance your social life with new friends (same gender or not) that lead to greater fulfilment later. You never know...

Given the hectic demands of Singapore's competitive economy, singles are drained both physically and emotionally, and most in this corporate jungle leave to chance, their dormant quest for meaningful love. Love should be in our hands and not in the stars. Years of passive waiting to let nature take its course can be futile. Avail yourself to the acquaintances of other singles in these interactive gatherings of free mingling, as you discover interesting personalites that stir your enthusiasm for a fulfilling companionship of love, fun and giving.

Avail yourself to the door of opportunities that leads to a world of lovely singles.

This hangout is for local and foreign Chinese.

It is English-speaking though most are also conversant in the mother tongue.

Feel free to bring your Chinese single friends along!!!

Email your friends of our exciting events!!!

May you find pleasure in meeting many interesting singles.

Give yourself a chance...

No exorbitant fee as charged by dating agencies, membership is free.

RSVP if you are coming for our specific events !!

There is no reason to stay at home alone...

I will be there to greet each of you personally.

People are born differrent, raised and exposed differently. Most hv good intentions, though expressed uniquely. Love transcends between the genders. Love is tolerance and acceptance despite differences; love is considerateness despite individuality; love is empathy despite being physically detached. Love embraces humanity and is the only cure for the major ills in this world. I love u guys.

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Beware of malicious slander against our meetup by fake profiles.

Dear esteemed members,

Since the inaugural event of this meetup, our competitors have been using subtle and ingenious tactics to discourage our new members from participating in our events.

Such tactics of the past include fake profiles with unreal pictures posting discouraging and slanderous comments repetitively on specific events, in an attempt to frighten away our new members who have never been to our events, poaching our members or harassing our members while trying to give the impression that they are part of us.

Their most recent sabotage (brought to our attention by our female members) includes a fake profile, with an unreal picture, who has never been to our meetup, whereby ‘she’ writes privately to our female members to maliciously slander our participants and opines how she and other ladies were aggrieved by our participants, faking good intention when ‘she’ is non-existent and has never been to any of our meetups.

Ask to meet her IN PERSON instead.

They are terrorists of meetup with shameless undisclosed identities, who try to wreak havoc through unscrupulous methods, out of jealousy of our successful turnouts, instead of using ethical ways to promote their own meetup.

These clearly show the thwarted conscience of these organizers who are wolves in sheep skin and how low and despicable our competitors are.


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