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Hike Sat 9am! Oak Point park in Plano

This Meetup is past


New meet location- Amphitheater side

What: Hike through the forest/park of Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano. The park has miles of soft nature trail that go through the woods, open green meadow hill, old country road, and the sidewalk trail that goes around a nice pretty lake with duckies in it. It is a very scenic nature hike, lots to view, see old interesting trees, lots of birds, turtles, creeks, lake, hilltop views, great sunsets in the evenings!

How Far: Approx. 3-5 miles, may not seem far, but nature hikes always feel longer

The Route: Most of the hike will be on soft trail (not concrete except by the lake) we will adjust the route week to week to get various interesting views

How long: various on route, usually between 1-2 hours, so allow some time. So let’s not make our hair appointments to early that day.

How Fast: We go at a somewhat good pace, not to slow or not to fast. We adjust based on the group. Remember it’s supposed to be a work out, but, we will take little quick breaks along the way so you can enjoy the view, take a few pictures.

Hike level: both advance/ beginner level. Advance hikers tend to walk faster so they will be more towards the front, and slower beginner hikers tend to follow in the rear. But at the end everyone completes the 3-5 miles distance. You go at a pace you can handle. But this is NOT a Mall Walk. It could be warm outside, you will break a sweat

Can I bring someone?: yes, anyone in the 40s+ can bring- friend/family , big kids (if they can keep up), Dogs (on leash with poop bag)

Any Requirements: Just one, EVERYONE carries WATER. Seasoned marathon runner or new hiker, no exceptions! (We always provide extra water bottles if you forget)

Suggested to bring:

- Hat ( cover from sunny areas & protects your head in the woods)

-Sun Shades ( for sun and it also protects your eyes floating debris and makes you look cool)

-hiking belt/lite pack (optional, but if you hike or plan to hike often, its convenient for carrying water and your stuff, cell phone, snack, )

-SHOES (don’t need hiking boots for these hikes, a regular pair of workout walk/ jogging gym shoes are fine. Some tread souls would be good.DON’T bring your petty new shoes, we sometimes do have a few muddy spots, and they will get dirty!

Where we meet: amphitheater side of the park

Call me if you have any questions. Eileen @214-208-2711

Note From Hike Leader AO 40’s+, We try to make this a fun hike. There are many hard core outdoors meetup groups of which I attend some but our events are to provide new and continued camaraderie for our Nite Owl family of friends and to get in some exercise/workout with friends we already know. We do hike as a group, and I never leave anybody behind, I account for everyone that is on my hikes. This is a fun, friendly, safe 40s+ event. And if we get in hiking shape, I hope to later in season setup a real hike out of town....

~ Soar on Nite Owls ~


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