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What we’re about

Society thinks introverts are socially awkward, boring, and don't enjoy conversing with others. That is far from the truth.

We are people who re-charge by spending time with ourselves, enjoy peace, and find happiness in quieter environments. We prefer smaller intimate groups filled with meaningful conversations over energizing, loud, and large groups. I've always categorized myself as a "social introvert" because even though I have qualities of a classic introvert, I do enjoy socializing and having meaningful conversations. The goal is to encourage single introverts like ourselves to get out of our homes and form some new connections and to form our own community. 

Even though we prefer smaller intimate groups, this group's purpose is to meet new people who share the same personality types. 

**This is NOT dating a group and our events are NOT dating events or speed dating events. It's bringing singles together to make new connections**

About our events:

There's the "hang out" and "Connect night" -- what's the difference?

"hang out" meet up is free to attend and has no limit on attendance. I wanted to keep this as an opportunity for anyone and everyone to come, especially if your'e new and want to get a feel for our group. This does mean it can get very crowded. We look for an environment that is casual, chill, and a place of flexibility. There are only a few facilitated activities because when an event is free, the attendance is unknown. But, you'll still have an opportunity to meet new friends :)

"connect night" events are for a more intimate setting that will allow you to meet every single person and have meaningful conversations that will allow others to get to know you and vice versa. They are ticketed ($20), systemized, controlled (capped at 20 people) and provide more in-depth conversations without the awkwardness.

Why are "connect nights" ticketed?

Attendance: In order for this system to work , we have to know who's committed to the event.

Materials: Every station has prompts or activities to help guide you through getting to know each other in a more fun or meaningful way (no more "what do you do?" "where are you from?")

System: We have adopted a system (from our close friend & partner, switchboard games) that will navigate everyone to stations so everyone can meet each other (in groups of 4) 

Venue: To secure a good venue to do this, a minimum is sometimes required, and the tickets (some times) help with this.

I don't know about you, but as an introvert, I've always wanted a better way to socialize. My free events get too large at times and too difficult to control, so I created this late last year -- and it's been a hit :)

To get tickets, get it soon before it's sold out (every event has sold out so far :D) 

Overall, I hope you step out of your comfort zone and come to one of ours events! It'll be fun :) 

Note: Average Age range is 30s-40s, however there is NO age limit

Yes, there is an LA chapter. (To visit the LA group, visit )