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photography: world alive - creative photography (intro and practice)

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what we are doing

There is a huge difference between a description of something and the discovery of the intimate, direct and immediate experience itself. In this series of three classes we will learn and practice ways of unconditioned being and seeing that bring our own world vividly alive before us and in us. Using simple digital photographing in exercises of eye-opening awareness, we will then offer our images to others to receive their discoveries about them.

This is the first of three classes that will be offered at Innermost Gardens. Two more follow up classes will be offered on the 10th and 24th Febuary. You are invited to attend all three to first learn, and then deepen, this unfolding path of practice. Or if you cannot make this class - be in touch with Rosalind about attending the following classes. A brief introduction will be given each time to newcomers as returners explore their own expressions of visual koans.

what you will learn

This is a hands-on class. We learn how to bring the world vividly alive through:

ancient, natural practices of awakening; learning and practicing how to be found by our subject; how to receive the gift of a photograph (rather than taking, capturing, or shooting it); how to receive whole-heartedly the offerings from works of art; and how others experience our own photographic offerings. We will view art from the masters of this practice and receive portraits of the heart-mind of ourselves and co-participants. These classes are about seeing with fresh eyes, hearts and minds, and have been found inspirational at all levels of skill in photography from beginner to professional.

type of lesson tips & tricks, practice, introduction

skill required 1 - beginners

your chalkler

Rosalind Jiko McIntosh

Rosalind learned Zen Buddhist creative photography with John Daido Loori, Roshi, Abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery, Mount Tremper, NY, USA. She has practiced Zen arts for over 20 years including twice yearly presentations of work during 9 years of full-time residential monastic training. Loori trained with eminent American mystic photographer Minor White, student of Ansel Adams, and was himself a critically acclaimed photographer and videographer. As a monastic, Rosalind was for several years design artist for the Monastery's prize-winning journal and website.


25 (+GST) if this if you first class - pay using this paypal link (

18 (+GST) if this is your second class (and for the future classes) - pay using this paypal link (

How to pay and book:

RSVP and pay using the relevant paypal link above or

deposit $28.75 or $20.70 into Chalkle's Kiwibank account:
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what people need to bring

Any digital camera, i-Phone, tablet etc which you have used for taking photographs, tripod if you have one, a snack to share, walking shoes, clothes suitable for the weather for spending time outdoors.

how to get there

Cross the carpark at Lawson Place. At the end you will find 3 paths. On the right a private path. On the left the Southern Walkway. Take the small path downhill in the middle. 200 meters after you will find a small white house with gardens around.


minimum number of 5 needed for this class to go ahead

our cancelation policy

If you RSVP for a class and fail to show up, you will get a "no show". Three no shows means you will be removed from chalkle. You may request to rejoin after six months.

If you cancel your RSVP:
- more than seven days = refund minus 10% admin fee.

- less than 7 days = no refund

- after 7pm night before = no refund and a no show will be recorded.

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