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science: human evolution - we are family


what we are doing

We will explore the story of who we are and where we came from - how humans evolved from ape-like ancestors in Africa to become a dominant, cultural species occupying almost every part of the globe.

what you will learn

we see how many of the differences among humans in different part of the world are only skin deep, and discover some of the ways in which humans are still evolving.

skill required beginner

your chalkler will be

Michael Harvey - A gentleman scientist with 9 years of academic experience and 5 years of industrial experience in science. Just a kid at heart who wants to explore the wonder of science and share with others.

what to bring
Note pad and paper if you wish to take notes

cost 15.00 (incl. GST)

how to book and pay
We expect pre-payment for all classes.
RSVP and pay using this paypal link ( or
deposit 15.00 into chalkle's Kiwibank account:
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We require a minimum of 2 people for this class to go ahead.

our cancellation policy
If you RSVP for a class and fail to show up, you will get a "no show". Three no shows means you will be removed from chalkle°. You may request to rejoin after six months.
If you cancel your RSVP:
- less than 3 days before = no refund
- after 7pm the night before = no refund and a "no show" will be recorded

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