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life skills: intro to - art as a therapy

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the history, how through creating art and reflection on the process and product within the therapeutic relationship people can take away a tool which may help - Basically anybody can do Art Therapy! It does not require any artistic ability or previous experience in art.

Art Therapy is a non-intrusive therapy aimed at building, restoring and maintaining the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of people.

Based on the belief that the creative processes involved in self-expression through the arts are healing and life-enhancing, art therapy combines psychotherapeutic support from a therapist with the exploration of issues using art materials and practices.

It is a powerfully liberating and helpful therapeutic modality. As art media are used as its primary mode of communication, art therapy is suitable for individuals of all ages, cultures and abilities.

The overall aim of Art Therapists is to provide a safe, supportive and encouraging environment for clients to use art materials and promote life-enhancing change and personal growth.

what we are doing

We will be exploring art as a therapy, the theory behind art as a tool to help with all types of challenges.

We will participate in one practice so art materials will be made available.

what you will learn

We'll explore the theory behind art as a therapy, and experience a practical application so you can use it in the future.

Learn about how art can be a brilliant way to help with any challenges we may face in life.

Some of the situations art therapy can help with include:

Resolve conflict and problems

Manage behaviour

Reduce stress / cope better with stress

Increase self-esteem

Foster self-awareness

Promote personal growth and wellness

Gain insight to a particular situation or issue

Develop interpersonal skills

Work through traumatic experiences

Increase cognitive abilities

Develop better relationships

Enjoy the creative experience

Connect inner and outer worlds

Explore personal potential

Unblock and move forward

Stimulate mental and physical activity

Channel anger

Relieve depression, anxiety and fear,



Experience positive feedback and recognition of unique worth

Express concerns, feelings, thoughts that are hard to express verbally,

type of class intro

skill required beginner

your chalkler will be

Christina is a trained Art Therapist

what to bring

Art materials, water

cost 22.00

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We require a minimum of 5 people for this class to go ahead.

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