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music & performance: magic 101

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what we are doing

"How cool!!! I wish I could do those wonderful things with only a deck of cards!!!"

A lot of people say those words when they see a magician performing live on tv or right there a few centimetres from their faces.

Everyone loves magic and it is never late to learn a little bit of it.
In this course we will go through a less than 5 minute lesson on the history of magic to understand why it became such an amazing and unique performing art. did you know that the great Harry Houdini picked his name to honour a bloke called Robert Houdin?? but who was that guy??

The same way Harry Potter lives in parallel world, magicians do as well and with this course a window will be opened for the students to give a sneak peek into it..... but of course, only if they accept to follow the golden rules...

If you ever wanted to learn how to become a magician, this is your opportunity. You are wrong if you think you need a lot of sleight of hand to perform a magic miracle. Some people may know some party tricks, but we will learn how to transform and present some real magic that will amaze your family and friends.

what you will learn

- How anyone can do magic
- How magic became a performing art
- Who the best magicians were/are
- How to present a magic trick
- The golden rules (magician´s oath)
- Some small miracles ( can´t tell you that here....)

type of class intro

skill required beginner

your chalkler will be

Angel is a professional magician from Spain that came to discover the magic of New Zealand, and now he would like to give some of his magic to the people of NZ in return.

He has more than 10 years of experience performing for live audiences in theatres and corporate events. He worked on Spanish tv for two whole seasons in 2006 and 2009 and organizer of the 6-day festival ¨Castillo Mágico" offering magic shows in a genuine medieval castle every summer.

Check out his web sites:

what to bring

bring your own deck of cards if you wish.

cost 15.00 (incl. GST)

how to book and pay
We expect pre-payment for all classes.

RSVP and pay using this paypal link (

deposit 15.00 into chalkle's Kiwibank account:
Reference:[masked] - Your name

We require a minimum of 5 people for this class to go ahead.

our cancellation policy
If you RSVP for a class and fail to show up, you will get a "no show". Three no shows means you will be removed from chalkle°. You may request to rejoin after six months.
If you cancel your RSVP:
- less than 3 days before = no refund
- after 7pm the night before = no refund and a "no show" will be recorded

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  • Paul T.

    Thanks I will get some practice in this weekend!

    5 years ago
  • Leticia M.

    Hi there,
    Angel will be tomorrow Sunday at the Harvest Feast. Come and join us for a social gathering. Starts at 3pm and potluck at 6pm (with games, magic, music and much more...)
    You can check it in our calendar

    5 years ago
  • Matt H


    5 years ago