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music & performance: improvised comedy (intro)

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what we are doing

Learn to improvise scenes and tell stories in a supportive and fun group environment - if you've seen Theatre Sports or the old TV show Who's Line, it'll be a bit like that, but not so very much. Improv techniques are just as useful if you need to speak seriously in public, or work creatively and collaboratively with other people.

what you will learn

You'll get a brief taste of the Joy of Improv - work through some of the improv games and exercises that develop your creativity, spontaneity, teamwork, listening, perception, trust, generosity and openness.

type of lesson


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your teacher will be

Ali Little

Ali Little discovered improv eight years ago, and it still makes her giggle. She is one of two Creative Directors for the Wellington Improvisation Troupe, a community based theatre organisation which performs and teaches the skills of improv at venues around Wellington.

free - gold coin donation for location hire appreciated.

our cancelation policy

If you RSVP for a class and fail to show up, you will get a "no show". Three no shows means you will be removed from chalkle. You may request to rejoin after six months.

If you cancel your RSVP:
- more than seven days = refund minus 10% admin fee.

- less than 7 days = no refund, and restricted from this class for three months.

- after 7pm night before = no refund, class restriction, and a no show will be recorded.

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