What we're about

You must make six figures or more in personal income to join this club, no exceptions. The reason behind it will be discussed when we meet for the first time, only if needed. I am sure all of us have paid our dues to get where we are and fully understand the why behind this. It's not what my meetup will do, it's why WE should invest our precious time & money and create a community where we can go to on regular bases to crate security, have business fun, increase our income, learn to free up our time more and get closer to achieving our personal self fulfillment plan. All by utilizing what we already have in place in each other; and by collectively bringing in what we need that we are missing to gain the optimal results we deserve. There will be no B.S, definitely won't be boring, must be extremely effective, practically applicable, systematically duplicate, oh and let's not forget to have fun doing it!

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