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Building Mobile Apps Is WAY Too Complicated

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Remember when development was easy? "Hey! You! Build this thing!" And then you would go build it in Flex or Windows Forms or Swing or whatever runtime you were using. Thanks to mobile there is no consistent runtime across any of our devices anymore. Or is there?

The web remains the one application runtime that is impartial to device, operating system, contract, app store, vendor or developer. It doesn't care where you load your application. It's a constantly improving VM that continues to offer the quickest path from concept to application. We're used to the web being ubiquitous, but we're not used to how we draw a line between the web and mobile applications. It's a super fuzzy line if there is even one there at all. Are these two worlds separate, or can they co-exist?

We've been thinking a lot about this at Telerik. Come here about some of what we've learned in our journey to bring a manageable app experience to the mobile developer via the web. It's definitely a tale of blood and roses, but the option you have may surprise you. Mobile apps are too hard to build and that has GOT to change and change soon.

Bio: Burke Holland

Burke Holland is a web developer who hangs out in Nashville, TN, even though he doesn't really care for country music. He is a recovering Adobe Flex developer and current JavaScript / HTML5 fanatic working as a Developer Evangelist For Kendo UI. You can find him blogging for Kendo UI and on his personal blog A Shiny New Me. He hangs out on twitter as @burkeholland and avoids Facebook altogether. He has an obsession with Instagram and once updated everyone's last name in the corporate ERP database to "Holland". He is not a fan of SQL.