Sketch Together - Design, Prototyping, and UI animation Demo/Talk


What this is

Let’s learn to use Sketch 3, design a simple mobile app project, and build a couple of prototypes with Marvel, Flinto, and Principle.

Usually Sketch Together are small workshops but this event will be different. The format of this even will be as a talk and live demo. We'll still go through all the details, and stop for questions, but I won't do it as a practice.

We'll first learn the basics of Sketch 3. Then we'll go over some advanced techniques. After that we'll quickly create our first simple flow for an iPhone app. We'll finish by prototyping our project using Marvel app and Flinto. Simple as that!

Who is it for

This is a demo for anyone interested in mobile design, user interface, wire framing, UX, prototyping, and illustration. We'll be using tools like Sketch 3, Marvel App, Flinto, Illustrator, and others. Beginner to intermediate levels are welcome. If you already know Photoshop, Illustrator, or other design apps and want to add Sketch or prototyping apps to your toolkit, you're welcome too!

You don't need to be a designer to learn how to use these tools. If you're a developer or a product manager that wants to learn how to turn your ideas or wireframes into a reality, this is the workshop for you.

What you need

• If you want to follow the demo while it's being presented, then you can bring your laptop! You'll need a MacBook or Windows running OS X virtual environment.

• Install Sketch 3 ( You can get a 30 day free trial ;)

• Create a free Marvel App ( account

• Install Flinto ( for the animations (15 day trial)

• Feel free to BYOB (bring your own beer).


I started this group because I want to share the knowledge of using Sketch 3 and other tools for mobile and web design. I want to give a new take on the old way of teaching; one on one, in a small but efficient workshop. Packing the important stuff in two intense hours. At the end we will have designed a simple mobile flow and put on a live prototype.

Looking forward to creating awesome stuff with you!