#4 skytalks – AI Meetup

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The fourth edition of the skytalks series about artificial inteligence, machine learning, statistics and data science.

- skygate
- EESTEC LC Gliwice
- IEEE Silesian University of Technology Student Branch


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Range is very wide, from computer vision, through NLP ending up in tools & platforms (like TensorFlow, Google Cloud etc.) + case studies

Vadim Markovtsev
"Mining software development history: approaches and challenges"

Software development history, typically represented as a Version Control System log, is a rich source of insights into how the project evolved, as well as how its developers worked. What's probably more important is that events from the past can predict the future. This talk gives fun history mining examples and presents some of the available tooling. The involved topics include graph embeddings, manifold learning, dynamic time warping, seriation, and modern clustering algorithms.

Vadim is a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning and a Lead Machine Learning Engineer at source{d} (sourced.tech) where he works with "big natural code" and manages a team of brilliant fellow engineers and data scientists. His academic background is compiler technologies and system programming. Vadim is also an author of several published papers about Machine Learning on Source Code. He is an open source zealot and an open data knight

discussion panel▮
You will get the opportunity to take part in big discuss panel about AI!
One of the panelists will be Tomasz Smolarczyk – Head of Data Science at Infermedica.

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