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Frozen Dead Guy Festival - It's Back in Estes Park

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Event Cancelled

As many of you know, over a week ago I wrote to the organizers of this event asking if we could be granted a pass to photograph the coffin races. To date I have not received a reply. Given that this event is now run by a private enterprise, there is now a rather hefty cost to attend, and cameras they consider "professional" (anything other than a cell phone or point and shoot) are not allowed. Therefore, this meetup no longer makes sense for our group.

Update to the 2/27 Update

Well it gets worse! In checking the event fine print, it says that professional cameras with interchangeable lenses are not permitted without a photography pass. I wrote the organizers and asked if we could obtain a photography pass for our participating photographers to photograph the coffin races. I also asked for a reduced admission rate for this single event. This is truly disappointing, and at this point, it is not looking good. If I don’t hear anything positive back from the organizers in the next week, it looks like our only option is to cancel. My apologies to all. Apparently this event was free in prior years before it moved to Estes Park. Very disappointing.

Update as of 2/27/23

Pat Tracy and I visited Estes Park last week to obtain updated information on the Frozen Dead Guys Festival. Since the festival moved to Estes Park in 2023, it is now being privately run, and tickets are $39 (plus $6.95 if ordered on line) for the day. (Not sure what the situation was when it was in Nederland.) It is being held at the Community Center at 1125 Rooftop Way, which is off 4th Avenue as you are approaching the main area of Estes Park. There are lots of activities besides the races including live music. Cynthia, one of our members, has tickets she cannot use, and can sell them to attendees. I am not sure if she purchased them early at the $29 early price. I am waiting to hear back from her. Everyone is responsible for purchasing their own ticket to the event.

The coffin races are taking place at 1:30 on March 18, which looks like it would be great fun to photograph. (You can find photos on the internet from the last festival in Nederland.) In addition to the festival, Estes Park and the surrounding area is always beautiful to photograph. Pat and I highly recommend the You Need Pie restaurant located close to MacDonalds. Great for lunch with pie. They even have a weekend brunch, which includes pie for $12.95.

Although the Meetup group does not arrange car pools, I suggest individuals wishing to carpool from Denver let fellow attendees know in the comments if they are seeking a ride or are willing to drive to make appropriate arrangements.

I am disappointed regarding the rather steep admission price. When we originally planned this meetup, we expected it to be open to the public for free like many other events. However, I still plan on attending as it sounds like it will be great fun! I hope to see many you there.

Once I get a count on who will be attending, we can arrange a meeting place.


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