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I started this group to target the intermediate and advanced (or even master!) level ukelelists to meet up and do some hardcore jamming. The name "Slickest Strummers" was meant as tongue-twister. If you're fast enough to say it, you gotta have the fingers to go with it. We can share and learn from each other while taking our already awesome skills to the next level!

The vast majority of players in Singapore are "strum & sing" players with no need or desire to play fingerstyle ukulele. Thus, many people in Singapore have a very low-opinion of the instrument, with some seeing it as "inferior". We aim to change all that by putting together an elite group of players from the four corners of this tiny island. With this group, the general perspective of the instrument will be changed and the status of the instrument raised. We are proud of our skills on this small, versatile, amazing and beautiful instrument. Unfortunately, with the current playing standards at an all-time low, the ukulele may be on it's way to a decline in popularity. Help us save this from happening and restore the instrument to it's former glory!

We are an extremely serious but fun group of hardcore FINGERSTYLE uke players, collectors and enthusiasts. Joining this group has its perks because you get to try out different kinds of professional-level, premium-grade ukes and hang out with real uke professionals and experts which enables you to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the instrument as well as it's playing styles and techniques.

We appreciate if you genuinely meet the following criteria before applying to join as a member:

• Able to read Music&Tab style notation fluently.

• Comfortable playing fingerstyle solos with PIMA fingers.

• Able to at least play a simple chord-melody solo properly.

• Familiar with 8-beats & 16-beats strumming patterns in any order.

• Must have a sincere, deep interest in ukulele instrumentals, not the "strum&sing" only type of person.

• Must know how names like "Jake", "James", "Taimane", "Britnni", "Aldrine", "Kalei", "Herb", "Troy", "Kimo", "Peter", "Daniel" are connected to the ukulele world.

• Must submit a 30 second audio clip of yourself playing a fingerstyle-solo to Joe at: 81576530 via WhatsApp. If we deem you good enough to join the group, we will invite you into our WhatsApp group.

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Membership Tests
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Hi everybody, there were cases of people joining the group previously who were unable to meet the expected playing requirements. These people felt disappointed or left-out of the group. To reiterate what our stance has always been - We are an advanced-level ukulele playing group. In order to prevent such future disappointments/frustrations, we require anyone who wishes to join take a short test consisting of eight exercises. The exercises are in a zip file that I have uploaded under "More --> Files" section. Here are the rules: • You may choose any 6 out of 8 exercises. • Fingerstyle Chord-Melody playing exercise is compulsory and must be one of the five. • Scale playing exercise must be executed first in thumb-only method, followed by any combination of P-I, P-M or I-M. • You may request existing group members to demonstrate any of the exercises, however you are not allowed to ask them to teach you to play it. • Individual skill & proficiency must be demonstrated. • Existing group members will decide if you are of sufficient technical proficiency. • We reserve the right to fail any of the exercises should we deem you unable to execute it fluently.

Slickest Strummers Podcasts
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Podcasts here will be updated weekly or as and when possible. We will cover a range of topics ranging from strumming to picking or music theory. Please bear in mind these are NOT tutorials but are related to things we discuss during meetups. http://slickeststrummers.podomatic.com/

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