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Are you a small business owner who is looking at either starting a business or trying to grow your business, especially online? Do you want to gain an education on different business practices that you could incorporate into your business?

If so, then the Small Business Owners Meetup will be a perfect fit for you.

This group is designed to give an education to those people who are wanting to grow their small businesses and to be as effective as possible. We are planning on having a weekly Tuesday meeting that is mostly going to be conducted at 3:00 - 5:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 - 2:00 Pacific. There may be some changes to the time due to possible other commitments - so make sure to check the time of the event when you RSVP.

Our plan is as follows:

  • 1st Tuesday - Business Concepts. In this session, we will cover a variety of business topics that all small businesses could incorporate into their business in order to have greater success and operate on a much more smooth level.
  • 2nd Tuesday - SEO. In this session, we will cover many aspects of using social media in building your online business. This may include ... creating podcasts, blogs, tagging, pics, ADA compliance, WordPress concepts, etc.
  • 3rd Tuesday - CRMs & Other Tech Programs. In this session, we will cover the use of your Customer Relationship Manager campaigns. This includes the use of automated email campaigns, landing pages, funnels, and calendar schedulers.
  • 4th Tuesday - Social Media. In this session, we will cover all things related to social media and your business. This will include topics like Facebook business pages, Instagram, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Newsletters, online events, and all other things related to social media.
  • 5th Tuesday - Bonus. In the months that have an additional Tuesday will be a bonus session. On these days we will plan to have a special guest to talk about other business-related topics to ensure you are operating your business to the highest capacity.

If you have or plan to have a small business then you will need to know how to build your business so that other people will begin to notice and then buy from you.

On some days we may go into Tech topics to aid those people who may need a little extra help with all of the technical aspects of building your online business.

We will be recording the events for our future membership site called The Classroom.

All attendees will also be given the chance to set up a personal 30-minute Discovery session with me to talk more about our business coaching services and how we could work together in the future to ensure you are building your business more quickly and effectively rather than going to slow and expensive route of trying to figure everything out on your own.

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Bonus - Becoming a Public Speaker

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Did you know that public speaking can be one of the best ways to earn capital and score new business?

Public speaking can be the highest-paid industry that anyone can achieve with the right skills and know-how.

In today's bonus session, we are going to cover the basics of starting your public speaking career. We will talk about how you can start building experience, creating a signature talk, and the required material (e.g., Speaker One Sheet) that you will need to launch your public speaking career.

Join us today and start your path down the road of public speaking.

This is a 120-minute event. This is an online event over Zoom. Maximum number of attendees is 100. If you can't go please update your RSVP so others may join.

Taglines & Creating Your Mission and Vision Statements

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This is our Week 1 Tuesday training which is focused on Business Concepts.

This week's training is creating your unique Tagline. A tagline is a memorable way for people to remember you and your business. It is a catchy phrase of just a few words that sums up what you and your business do.

Plus, we will go over both your Mission Statement and Vision Statement. The former is a statement that defines what your true purpose in business is. It is the whole reason you are in business in the first place. The latter is what you plan to reach for in the future. This may be attainable or it may not. It is the motivating factor of what overall you want to accomplish in business. This statement will tell your clients and potential clients your purpose and what you plan to do with the world.

This is a 120-minute event. This is an online event over Zoom. Maximum number of attendees is 100. If you can't go please update your RSVP so others may join.

Maximizing Your WordPress Blog Using Yoast SEO

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This is WordPress and SEO week with Small Business Owners Meetup.

Today's training is focused on one plugin called Yoast SEO (the free version). This is one of a couple of very powerful plugins that you can use on your WordPress website. When you write a blog you want to optimize that blog so that you can attract more clients to your website and to be more optimized to be found by search engine spiders.

We will go briefly into writing a blog but now we are going to cover all of the additional steps you need to take in order to make your blog stand out even better. This includes readability, image selection, social media sharing, and a whole lot more.

This training is virtual using a custom Zoom link that you will get when you RSVP to this event.

Our Zoom account is limited to 100 guests. If you decided you are not going to make it please RSVP that you are not going so that others may be able to take your place. Please be willing to share this event with others so they can also receive an education.

All attendees will be given a complimentary 1-hour Strategy Session with me to talk more about your business and how you can start to take it to the next level more quickly and effectively.

Business Kickstarter Workshop

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Do you want to ensure you have all the right tools to get your business started off on the right foot?

In the Business Kickstarter Workshop, we are aimed at giving you many tools that you can use in order to ensure you are starting your business in the best way possible.

This is a full 1-Day (8-hour) fully interactive course that is designed to help you get the most out of the learning we will be providing. You will have multiple exercises so you can fully immerse yourself in what we are sharing.

The virtual (online) event will be available to you at the start of the workshop. You will be instructed as to when to start on the various exercises.

There will be moments in the class where you will be able to share what you are learning and you will be able to hear what other people are also learning. This is why this workshop is considered interactive.

If you like and gain a lot of information from the workshop there will be an opportunity for you to become one of our premier coaching students in order so that we can work with you more in the future.

In this course we cover …

  • Discover “your why” for wanting to start a business. And, how to incorporate that story into your business message.
  • What is your unconscious association with money and how that is causing you to sabotage your business without you even knowing it is happening?
  • What are your belief patterns that limit your success and how to become aware of those belief patterns and then overcome them?
  • The sacrifices you will need to consciously make when starting a business. This is in multiple different aspects of both your personal and professional lives.
  • What are some technical tools you can simply use to make your business life a lot easier?
  • How to create a support system and your initial team of people that are set to ensure you are successful.
  • There are 12 exercises we will go through that will help you not only gain clarity on your business but also for you to incorporate these principles into your personal life for the better.
  • And, a whole lot more …

The investment for this course is normally $795 but we are offering it to you for only $97.

Click here for your ticket: https://keap.app/checkout/tar516/bk-workshop-virtual

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