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What's Your Social Wealth Series

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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Do you know what your social wealth is? \

It's based on the impact and influence you have on others and the perception that they have of you from interactions within your social circles. This series of 6 sessions will explore how those elements contribute to that perception and how you can maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative effects.

Cost: $10
Coffee will be provided and breakfast will be available for 50% off menu price.

Session Agendas
2/13 Session 1: Social Investment: The amount of time and money that is invested to grow your personal brand.

2/20 Session 2: Social Equity & Social Partnership: The value you add to others in your circles, affiliations and community and the sharing of social equity between 2 or 3 individuals that only share amongst themselves, creating a greater Social Value.

2/27 Session 3: Social Assets & Liabilities: The impact others have in your social network over your Social Equity.

3/6 Session 4: Social Value: The value you add to the people in your personal and professional network.

3/13 Session 5: Social Resources: The venues and tools used to establish your Social Equity.

3/20 Session 6: Your Social Wealth: Bringing it all together

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