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Lies That Are Holding You Back, and the Truth That Will Set You Free!

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"Are your limiting beliefs and misleading popular wisdom holding you back?

The first hour of this class will focus on dispelling 3 of the 26 lies that are holding you back, such as:

1. You need money to make money.

2.. Winning the lottery would solve everything.

3. People really upset me

The rest of the class will focus on removing your personal limiting beliefs, that are holding you back from living the kind of life you want, some of them unconscious, such as "I am not good enough", "I am stupid", "It's dangerous for me to be attractive", "I am not deserving", "I can't get what I want", "I have to fight to get what I want", "It's dangerous for people to notice me". Each person will get a chance to uncover and eliminate at least one limiting belief, and also experience the "Who Am I Really?" Process that will activate the Truth of who you really are..
These limiting beliefs cause you lots of suffering and problems, such as bad relationships with people that are not right for you, such as emotionally-unavailable or abusive men; self-sabotage; attracting women that end up emasculating you; being stuck in a dead-end job you hate; seeing the suffering of others, including your loved ones, and feeling helpless to do anything about it; and more!

Eliminating them would help you solve all these problems and more!

with Kundan Chhabra

Fridays beginning Feb 1 from 7 - 9 pm

Cost: $29, Call SMHAS and register in advance, and you will get in for only $15: (949)[masked]

This is a $200 value originally only available for my private clients.

You can read testimonials here: http://KundanChhabra.Com

Attending this class will also make you eligible for a free 30minute private one-on-one personal life coaching session with me."

About Kundan Chhabra:

Kundan Chhabra activates the Truth of who you are by removing your limiting beliefs and getting you to experience the empowering freedom and love that you really are, which heals you from past emotional trauma and helps you fulfill all your goals (not NLP/Hypnosis). He teaches mind-body movements that help you release your stuck patterns and gets you to embody abundance, appreciation, power, presence, direction, radiance, enjoyment, and more, which helps you make all your relationships richer and more fulfilling . He imparts Photoreading, the ability to read at 25,000 words a minute, saving you hours of your time.
He is the author of "Experiencing Divinity, Sharing Awakening" and the co-author of the ground-breaking anthology "Love-Like God:Embracing Unconditional Love", co-written with thought-leaders from around the world, such as Deva Premal (
Kundan recently facilitated his version of Uzazu ( at TEDxUCIrvine 2013, and also became officially initiated as a Divine Openings Giver (

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