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The Journey of an entrepreneur is never easy, it is never what we plan it to be. It comes with its challenges, challenges through monies, people, customers & scale. We have seen it all and with years and tears, we have passed each step forward, sharing our stories with you, ensuring that our wrong moves, our lessons and experiences can help you make your journey so much more smoother and push you forward towards your growth faster.

This group will engage in on-line meetings, seminars, workshops, networking sessions and special speaker sessions and will be lead by Salma Moosa (https://www.salmamoosa.com/) & Vivek Srinivasan, (https://viveksrinivasan.com/) as mentors, guides, friends and your support system.

You could be a student, pre-founder, founder or someone interested to connect with them all, you could always be a part of this group.

This is a place for people who have the heart to give value to others here, take value from others and keep progressing through any and every hurdle that may arise. This is a place for the "Go-Getters" of the world.

You can always write to salma.vivek2020@gmail.com or call +91 9980015351 to reach us

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Salma Moosa | Vivek Srinivasan

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Workshop on How to build a Community?

Needs a location

There is no power than a community of your potential customers coming together to vouch for your offering, become your loyal customers and your brand ambassadors, accelerating your growth by multi-levels.

We bring to you one of the most unique workshops ever conducted. Communities as you know have played a huge rule in standing by startups / businesses even in the worst times. Those large brands and early startups have always stood the test of time as they had this group of individuals who believed in them.

Everyone builds a community, wants a community but non till now have shown you how to build one & scale it too. From the scratch to the skies.

This workshop, we will take you step by step process to plan a community concept for your brand, prepare the pre-launch activities, the launch and thereon engaging, building and scaling the community. All this will be something that you can get started with yourself.

With this one workshop of Rs.999/- you might just end up saving 1000 times of this amount of your marketing budget. Are you one of the smart ones to take this up and make the best of this opportunity brought to you.

Register & pay now through this link - https://pages.razorpay.com/workshop-aa

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Workshop on Strategic Footprint

Needs a location

They often say, “How you do it matters more that what you do.” But the question really is how to define it for your venture.

For any startup, the strategic footprint starts with the product that is being developed. The way or manner in which the product is being built and the manner in which it is expected to work defines the entire story.

It begins with why you are building the business that you are building - What is the market that you are going after?
Why should they be catered in the manner in which you are seeking to cater to them - What is the product that you are building?
What constraints are laid upon you because of way in which you have chosen to build - Competition faced and pricing of the product? (Amazon vs Shopify)
What are the best ways to reach the consumer that you need to reach out to - Your go to market strategy?
What are the implications for margins and revenue growth for the company?
How easy or difficult is it to change with the chosen strategy roadmap?

All of these questions play off each other. One does not exist without the other and the intermingling of all of these questions makes or breaks a business.

You could push yourself into a corner with a strategic choice made early on in the venture.

This workshop will illustrate the relationships and the consequences of those relationships can have on a business. It will also help you tear apart your business and look at the relationships that your decisions have established and what you need to do to change that.

Register & pay now through this link - https://pages.razorpay.com/workshop-aa

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