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Between Han and HAL: Episode 5 - A Clockwork Orange

Price: $2.00 /per person

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(No meet-up for February due to multiple scheduling conflicts!)

Our next movie is not for the faint of heart. Stanley Kubrick directed this visceral 1971 adaptation of Anthony Burgess's classic 1962 novel ( Set in a near-future Britain, A Clockwork Orange is the story of Alex, a teenaged miscreant and gang leader who spouts Russian-influenced slang while indulging in a life of sex, drugs and "ultra-violence." Is Alex responsible for his evil deeds, or is he merely the inevitable product of a broken-down society?

Much controversy surrounded the film. It was pulled from British cinemas amidst fears of copycat crime, and wasn't widely available in that country until 1999. Burgess was also dismayed that Kubrick based the film on the US edition of the book, which omitted the final chapter to give the story a darker ending.

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The usual reminders:

* Please Please PLEASE if you RSVP and then discover you can't make it, change your RSVP so those on the wait list won't miss an opportunity to come. (I take a very dim view of no-shows, as some former members can attest.) If you have a significant other who'd also like to participate, please have him/her join this meet-up and RSVP separately. We have very limited space (10 people max), so unanticipated guests will really put a pinch on the seating situation.

* Doors open at 7PM, movie starts at 8PM.

* This is a potluck, so bring something good to eat or drink to share. We will provide a main dish, plus a couple of bottles of wine and a six-pack of beer.

* A donation of $2 per person is humbly requested to offset the costs associated with this event.

* We try to run a shoeless household, so please leave your shoes in the foyer when you arrive.

* Finally, we have a very fluffy, very friendly cat. So, if you're not a cat person--you've been warned!

We look forward to seeing you!