Let's watch Prospect, a 2018 indy film from Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell that's gotten lots of good buzz from critics and hard-core sci-fi fans alike.

Set in a far-flung future, it's the story of teenager Cee (Sophie Thatcher) and her reckless father (Jay Duplass), who set down on a lush but hazardous planet in search of a valuable crystal produced by alien organisms that live in the soil. After an ill-fated encounter with another pair of prospectors, Cee must grow up fast and make a dangerous alliance with a stranger (Pedro Pascal) in order to survive. With a gritty aesthetic, limited use of excellent special effects, strong performances by the cast, and occasionally highfalutin dialogue, Prospect comes across as Firefly-meets-True Grit.

The Usual Reminders:

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Doors open at 7PM (no early arrivals, please); movie starts no later than 8PM.

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• What to bring

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